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Spotlight on Musa Basadi Jawara, An Extraordinary Gambian of the 21st Century

Mar 25, 2009, 8:40 AM | Article By: By Baboucarr Senghore and Abba Gibba

Hello and a warm welcome to yet another amusing edition of Personality of the Week, your weekly column aimed at bringing prominent Gambian top notches and achievers into the limelight.

In today's edition, we bring you the profile of a young man who has symbolised, and in fact proved beyond reasonable doubt that loyalty to ones country pays.

A dedicated, thorough and methodical Business Developer with sound judgment and business acumen with experience and expertise in economic development and international trade, Musa B Jawara, a Gambian-American citizen adapts quickly to challenges and theories that produce tangible results and bottom-line profits. He has demonstrated abilities as an innovative thinker, effective problem-solver and outstanding leader with enthusiasm that is contagious.

Multi-talented and articulate, Musa uses motivational persuasion in negotiating large business projects, recognized as a consummate professional with planning and management skills, interacts effectively with all levels of management and staff.

Having already left an indelible mark in all corners of society both home and abroad, Musa has a proven senior-level experience in executive decision-making, planning business strategies, personnel and financial management, marketing and government relations. He also displays a total commitment, accountability and integrity in all business dealings, develops and simplifies procedures and without exception, committed to professional excellence in a job environment.

Musa Jawara who is a member of the advisory board of Abundance Fund identified the implementation of three development projects in the Gambia which the board approved. The aims and objectives of the Abundance Fund are to allow the poor in developing world to realize their full potentials.

A graduate of VanderbiltUniversityGraduateSchool, Nashville, TN, Musa today hold a Master Degree in Economics. Also a recipient of a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics from University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Musa also undertook a formal education in Economic Development at the prestigious International Development Center of Japan.

His ability to succeed has been established beyond any doubt. He could pass unnoticed save for the aura of greatness that speaks more of him. His impressive track record coupled with his diverse job experience has prepared him to face the challenges of his current position.

As part of his varied professional experience, Jawara is today an International independent Consultant at Abundance Fund, a position he held since May 2007. He is also a member of West Africa Advisory Board & Coordinator for Gambia. From 2002 to 2006 he served Duwajabi International Commerce & Energy Corporation (DICEC), Banjul, the Gambia where he was the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Musa imposed authority and oversight into all areas of the project encompassing support functions, strategic and resources management, building capacities, advisory consulting to Regional Governments in charge of economic development, energy policies and feasibility studies all of which were focused on exposing the environmental impact assessment.

He also collaborated with the Dept of Energy of the Republic of Senegal in 2005 on a review of required energy policies; combined oversight and supervision of a wide range of experts from ten widely-separated rural areas drawn in a planned project exceeding US$115 million; Discussed parameters of a proposal modernizing sewage systems of Oman's Dept of Public Utilities with the Sultanate of Oman and subsequently served as an Advisor.

As consultant of Lloyd energy of the United States, Musa negotiated Power Purchase Agreement and reviewed energy laws and regulations of the Governments of Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

From 2001 to 2002, he served the Banker of America as a Consumer Banker, and rendered a broad scope of consumer and commercial financial services in response to a wide range of needs; met with prospective and existing clients to discuss problems and suggested various bank products and services that would accommodate specific needs.

He reviewed and evaluated mortgage loan applications; validated information for proper sequence against supporting documentation and rectified errors to ensure accuracy; forwarded applications, following approval, to loan department for final interview and approval. He was highly commended for sustaining the bank's public image and customer satisfaction, and received the prestigious Personal Banker Award for all of Prince Georges County, MD banks.

Musa Jawara was also a campaign volunteer for President Obama in the state of Virginia. Musa and millions of volunteers made Barrack Obama's election as President of America possible. He has been appointed by the Democratic Party as an election officer in the state of Virginia for a term of four years.