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Sports Minister’s Initiative welcomed

Jul 12, 2017, 10:10 AM

We welcome the initiative of the Minister of Sports Hon. Henry Gomez not to dissolve the Gambia Football Federation. Dissolving the federation will cause Gambian football set backs in terms of funding; from FIFA. Not only that the Gambia could be suspended for two or three years in all regional and international competitions organized by CAF and FIFA, but will need to start all-over-again. This will affect our standard in African football, which is not satisfactory at the moment.

We need the Gambia Football Federation to work closely with the ministry to avoid any kind of miscommunication. The ministry and the GFF should at the same time see how they can make changes for the development of football in the Gambia by recruiting technical minded people to assist our coaching staff.

A national conference will be necessary with all stakeholders to address the issues that Gambian football is facing.

It should be noted that the institution itself and the recipient, which is GFF should be accountable and manage their reputational risk, and monitor all FIFA projects. Now football is more commercial that needs investors to bring sponsorship so we can achieve results.

We commend MGI who for the past years was sponsoring football but parted with government, This affects the running of football in the country. Government should invest more in sports, particularly football which is the most popular game in the world.

The officials of the ministry should work in cordial relations with GFF. Sometimes tongue and teeth clash but they still stay together. Dissolving GFF will not solve any problem but will cause harm to Gambia football.

Our main advice to the two parties; the Ministry of Sports and GFF is work together for the best interest of national sports particularly the beautiful game, football.

The ministry should look at private sector to sponsor the game and make Gambia clubs and the national teams enter all African competitions as well as ensure qualification to the world cup.

“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin