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Sporting Association coordinator urges Dibba to withdraw

Sep 13, 2010, 1:51 PM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

Musa Koteh, coordinator of the newly-established Sporting body called Union of National Sporting Association, has urged Momodou Dibba to withdraw his candidacy as the GNOC presidency.

Recent media reports have indicated that 19 out of 25 GNOC affiliated clubs have unconstitutionally endorsed Momodou Dibba's candidacy for the Gambia National Olympic Committee's hot seat but Musa Koteh, who walked into The Point's office recently, revealed that "Dibba is not qualified" to be elected as the GNOC President, urging him to withdraw his candidacy before he could be embarrassed.

"The reason why Dibba is not the right man for the GNOC Presidency is the fact that the Gambia Draught Association in which Dibba is the President is neither a Commonwealth nor an Olympic sport, which makes Dibba unqualified to run the affairs of the GNOC. In addition, sporting association has no time to train an old man for years before they could stand to develop," Koteh charged.

"We need someone competent enough with a wealth of sporting experience to serve as the GNOC President; not someone whose sporting knowledge draws little experience from Commonwealth and Olympic sports," Koteh, who is the mastermind behind the formation of the national sporting body in anticipation for the GNOC congress, told Pointsports.

Koteh, who vehemently criticised and dismissed Dibba's nomination, also said they (the Union of Sporting Association) have already selected and signed for their candidate Abdoulie Touray.

"I want to send a strong warning to Dibba to withdraw his candidacy because he is not the right man to run the affairs of the GNOC, and the GNOC itself is not responsible for the nomination of candidates for any executive positions at the GNOC," Koteh said.

He also called on all those supporting Dibba's nomination to contact the GNOC secretariat since some of the sporting clubs, such as Security Services, Judo, Golf and other sporting disciplines, are unaffiliated bodies to the Gambia National Olympic Committee, which means they are unqualified to nominate the GNOC presidency.

The Gambia National Olympic Committee has announced that it will hold an extraordinary session to replace its ex-president Lang Tombong Tamba. Since then an association of sporting body called Union of National Sporting Association was formed to nominate its candidate for the GNOC presidency but a press release issued last month by the GNOC stated that "the GNOC is however not in support of this move by the newly established national sporting association."

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