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Soroptimist International dragged to court

Mar 9, 2015, 9:33 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Amie Manga, former employee of Sorotimist International, recently sued her former employer at the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal for unlawful termination of her service.

Mrs Manga is claiming for the recovery of the sum of D1,500 for monthly gross salary from the date of termination of her service to age sixty.

She also claimed for the payment of social security contribution of 15 per cent of basic monthly salary from the date of the termination of her service to age sixty.

A refund of D2,800 being rent was claimed by her for 14 months at D200 per month with 25 per cent interest which was effective September 2011.

Mrs Manga claimed for the payment of D4,000 being lawyer’s fees for action instituted against her former employer, which attracts 25 per cent interest from date of the termination of her service to date.

The sum of D50,000 was also claimed by her for compensation for the stress meted on her, and also claimed the sum of D120,000 for six trees she planted which produced abundantly.

Mrs Manga stated in her particulars of claim that she was a cleaner and caretaker of the defendant since 1994.

The claim revealed that four years ago, the defendant terminated her service because the defendant accused her of reporting the defendant to the Social Security, an allegation which was not true.

She stated in her claim that she lodged a complaint to a lawyer for legal action to be taken against her former employer, and the lawyer invited the defendant to reinstate her.

Since then, the claim indicated, she had been working there until 2012, when her daughter-in-law came from Bakau to spend the Tobaski feast with her at the defendant’s premises.

Mrs Manga adduced in her claim that a man who was associated with the defendant reported her to the director, alleging that the plaintiff’s son used to bring his girlfriend to the premises, not knowing that it was the plaintiff’s daughter-in-law.

As a result, she claimed, all the keys, which were handed over to Mrs Manga, were taken from her due to an allegation that herself and her family were misusing the generators to the extent of spoiling three generators, an allegation which was false.

The claim further revealed that her son helped to take care of the premises as a watchman.

Mrs Manga, the plaintiff, stated in her claim that the defendant wrote a letter of termination of her service, giving the reason that the defendant had leased the place.

She claimed further that one Francis came and told her that he was the one who reported her so that her service would be terminated, and also told her that he was the one who reported her son for the allegation against him.

The plaintiff said in her claim that the defendant wrote a letter dated 18 August 2011, and 28 September 2011, stating among others that she erected a structure without permission on the premises of the defendant, which was found to be false.

Mrs Manga indicated in her claim that she had suffered unceremonious and bogus termination by the defendant during the fasting period of 2009 and blatant lies levied against her.

The case was subsequently adjourned to 25 March 2015.

Garba Cham represented Mrs Manga.