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SHE SHE SHE: Waist beads, an important ornament in a woman’s life

Apr 2, 2015, 10:44 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Waist beads are very important in the life of an African woman. People say it is culture; others say it is part of the weapons use by co-wives to compete in their matrimonial houses.

Some also say that it is a weapon of seduction used by women to attract the opposite sex.

Whatever the case maybe, waist beads are things that are loved and cherished by women of Africa and The Gambia, in particular.

As a lady myself, I remember my mother wearing waist beads, when I was a little girl growing up.

I also see mothers putting waist on their baby girls.

So I began to wonder the reason behind this.

Some mothers told me that the reason is to give shape and texture to the waist. They told me that the body of a newly-born baby is soft and it grows according to the shape you give it.

But for most women, waist beads are far more than just for tying around the waist of a baby. It is a tradition that they cherish a lot.

A neighbour told me that wearing waist beads adds beauty and taste to a woman’s sexual life in her matrimonial home.

She said waist beads may look small to us, but small as it is; it is powerful enough to grab a man’s attention.

She said if a woman wears waist beads around her waist, each step taken is accompanied by a sound that directs itself to the man she is yearning for and any other man who is lucky enough to hear the sound.

She said waist beads evoke that sexual appetite in men at night. She told me that men used waist beads worn by their women at night as prayer beads.“The men know what I mean by that.”

She said why wasting your time on man-made methods of seduction when you can have a natural and cheap means.

According to her, waist beads are the best weapons for seducing a man.

Another woman told me that in those days, a woman’s beauty is counted based on the beads she wore around her waist.

She told me that the more beads one wears, the better definition it gives to your waist when walking.

She told me that women used beads soaked in the traditional water incence; then wear it around their waist and use it in a romantic encounter to entice their men.

She told me that during traditional occasions, such as initiation and marriage ceremonies, women wear waist beads around their waist and dance with it. She said dancing with beads around your waist, is colourful and it feels good.

She told me that during those days, there is no need for co-wives to fight over a man because, even if you fight at the end of the day you will still share him together; so the best thing women do is to try new waist beads each day to lure the man to them.

She said beads are beautiful, shiny and classy and can handle any man.

Why should a woman’s waist be empty, deserted and lonely when there are beautiful beads to accompany it? Waist beads come in different sizes, colours, texture and taste.

It also comes with different sounds that are known only to the wearer, and the one who benefits from it.

The big ones are beautiful and shinny, but very noisy and it does not like to be hidden and, when you hide it, it always reveals itself with its sounds.

The smaller beads are portable, pretty and act fast in a romantic entangle.

The Mandinkas called it “joono” and the Wollofs called it “Bingbing”; but as a woman, never underestimate the power of waist beads and what it can do to tame that special man for you.

Men can be cunning, stubborn and play hard to get, but you alone know their weak point; so use it against them and waist beads may be the best charm for you.

In other parts of Africa, it is said that girls use waist beads the moment they start menstruating. Many of the girls also said they feel empty without wearing waist beads. Waist beads refine your waist, make it look smaller and bring out those hidden hips.

Many African men also like it on their wives or woman’s waist, because according to them it plays a vital role during marital activities.

Waist beads are very cheap in our markets, and various sizes are available for women to choose from and even men who want to buy it for their wives.

Some people also believe that waist beads spread fats to your hips and legs instead of it being stuck up in your stomach. Others say it is a very strong charm that women can use to control their men who are unfaithful.

You will agree with me that some men are fun of putting their hands around the waist of that woman they love, so much so it will be disappointing when a man puts his hand around the waist of a woman she loves and its empty.

So as a woman, don’t hesitate to try new methods everyday to surprise your man with.

Choose any size of beads of your choice; wear it well, feel its presence on your bodyand let your man know that it is for him.

The best waist bead is the one that is soaked inside the traditional water incence for a few minutes, then removed it from there. Let the water dry a bit, then wear it around your waist and that man, who always plays hard to get will be at your service anytime, anywhere of everyday.