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SFA Holds French Workshop For Schools

Nov 4, 2009, 3:04 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The Saint Francophile Association of the Alliance Franco Gambienne sponsored by PASEG recently held a day-long workshop for several schools in Regions One and Two.       

This is part of a series of activities embarked upon by the Saint Francophile Association (SFA), headed by Adama Talla to get French off the ground in The Gambia.

According to Talla, they have French workshop for ten schools in Banjul, both in Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools, as well as other areas.

Speaking at the workshop, Adama Talla, the Coordinator of SFA said the formation of the club can be traced back to their school days when Saints Joseph and Augustine did French together to improve on their French Language.

"Since then we found it necessary to start up the SFA," he said.

He added that during the three meetings of schools, it was realised that the strengthening of French in schools was necessary.
The participants found out that French clubs and their activities are often not motivated. Clubs were motivated to bring up activities for their clubs," he said. 

In analysing their problems, Talla said that students need enough information.

"The French teacher carries the burden but the teacher would leave some day and the students will remain. Each club should have a PRO to coordinate issues. Students should be given the chance to explore," he added.

He stated that it was also observed that French clubs should conduct regular meetings and have a plan of action.
Students are to also have identity cards. Many schools complain of improper classrooms and poor subject combination. They ask for understanding from their principals. Schools were twined to strengthen the language. The other regions will be reached as well," he concluded.