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Senegal reduces fuel by D8.60 per litre

Dec 22, 2014, 9:47 AM

Senegal’s Energy Minister Maimouna Ndoye Seck announced on Friday 19 December 2014 the reduction of fuel prices and prices of other essential items such as gas, rent, rice, flour, and millet, in the country to alleviate economic pressure on citizens.

The fuel price of a litre has been reduced by 100 CFA (equivalent to D8.60 per litre), the Energy minister said.

Kerosene has been reduced by 102 CFA (equivalent to D8.70) and a bottle of gas has been reduced by D334.50.

The prices of basic commodities and costs of rent have also been reduced, Minister Ndoye Seck disclosed, although she did not indicate by how much.

Fuel price was 889 CFA per litre equivalent to D72. The latest reduction has brought it down to 799 CFA (equivalent to 63.40 bututs).

Kerosene, which was 687 CFA per litre (equivalent to D56), has been reduced to 587 CFA (equivalent to D47.60 bututs).

Gas oil, which was 792 CAF per litre (equivalent to D58.80), has now been reduced to 690 CFA (equivalent to D50.10 bututs).

Ordinary fuel, which was 852 CFA (equivalent to D68.8), has also been reduced to 765 CFA (equivalent to D58.8).

It would be noted the world price of fuel has been dropped by 32% in October.