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Schools in Region 4 set to upgrade national position in sport

Dec 10, 2012, 10:35 AM | Article By: Ebrima Bah (Mansakonko)

Schools in Region Four are busy scouting and grooming their athletes, in accordance with the zonal heats calendar, to compete and secure places in the upcoming Regional and National Interschool Athletics Competitions respectively in the Lower Basic School category.

Come December 15, 2012, primary schools in the Region will complete preparations to take part in their regional interschool athletics competition due in January 2013.

Physical and Health Education teachers at the Jarra Soma cluster told this reporter that they are determined to erase what they call disgraceful sixth position out of six regions for them in the last year’s national schools heats.

“We will keep on this preparation with more emphasis on methods to overturn our dismal performance in the national athletics competition last year,” one of them said.

The Regional Education Officer for region four, Mamadi Jarju, observed that schools in twelve zones within six clusters in his region are gearing up on a right pace for both the regional and national competitions.

“We are doing the foundation work to make sure that we get the best athletes to compete at national level from where we hope to get the best,” he said.

Mr Jarju however described the grounds of preparations for schools within region 4 as poor and below standard for competitions.

This, he said, means that for them to make an impact in their plans, the technical teams for school sport are required to make extra work and commitment to upgrade the standards of the training fields, which he also labeled as a major setback for them.