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Scanaid Holds Graduation, Prize-Giving Ceremony

Jul 9, 2009, 6:24 AM | Article By: Manlafie Badjie

Scanaid Senior Secondary School in Brufut recently held its 3rd graduation and 5th prize-giving ceremony in the presence of hundreds of parents, teachers, well-wishers, and school children, at a ceremony held at the school's ground in Brufut.

Andrew Gabriel Sylva, the Chairman of the school applauded the presence of the parents, saying "their presence had made a mark as stakeholders of the school". He said the occasion was twofold: that is celebrating the 3rd graduation of final year students and the 5th annual speech and prize giving ceremony.

Addressing the graduating class, Andrew Gabriel Sylva stated that "We wish to mark fittingly an unforgettable occasion in their lives. Today marks the conclusion of one phase in your lives and simultaneously the commencement of another."

He said "the children were stepping into the next stage of their lives, which could be admission into tertiary education, professional or vocational training or moving into the wider world of work or serving their community in one capacity or the other".

He further said that the children were to soon realise that they have to act with little or no guidance, and noted that they should act with a greater degree of independence.

He advised children to cultivate the good seeds of a fulfilling life, which the school implanted in them and urged them to remember that the learning process continues. "Make everyday for the rest of your life an opportunity in the pursuit of further knowledge," he said.

Sylva gave a brief history of the school and said it began operation in 2004. He said they should therefore take a strategic approach to examining the school's performance vis-à-vis its raison d'etre and in planning the future direction of the institution.

He commended their efforts for instituting a performance management system in the school. He said they were advising students to behave well, adding that they would not hesitate to deal with anyone found wanting indiscipline. He therefore called on all and sundry to make the school a place of success.