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Saamasang Federation empowers youth with entrepreneurship skills

Jun 11, 2015, 10:21 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Saamasang Federation, in collaboration with Child Fund The Gambia, recently organised a daylong forum on youth entrepreneurship at the Kabafita Nursery School in Brikama.

The forum was meant to empower the youth with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the executive director of Saamasang Federation, Edrisa Cham, said the training was based on sharing experience and promoting collaboration and partnership among youth entrepreneurs. 

Lamin Darboe, executive director of National Youth Council, thanked the federation “for the wonderful support” to empowering youth with skills and the knowledge of entrepreneurship.

He said the young people did not need charity from people; they need to be empowered to enable them to achieve their dreams and aspirations and that of their families.

Mr Darboe said the entrepreneurship training is like an investment into the future of the youth and that investment is critical in maintaining economic growth of the country.

“Training on entrepreneurship will not only make the youth become employable but it will empower them to be able to take decisions on their own terms without due influence or directive from others,” he said.  “In that case they [the youth] will be more than willing to face and take the consequence of their decision.”

Mamudou Jawla, who represented the governor of West Coast Region at the occasion, said youth entrepreneurship is the key driver of economic development and wealth creation in a country.