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Saamasang Federation embarks on leadership training

Jan 13, 2011, 12:25 PM | Article By: Yai Dibba-Jallow

Samasang Federation, in collaboration with Child Fund the Gambia, recently embarked on a two-day training on leadership management and child protection, from various communities in Kombo Central.

The objective of the training was to sensitise the Village Development Committee (VDC) members on the policy on child protection and leadership management.

Speaking on the occasion, the Managing Director of Saamasang Federation, Edrisa Cham, described the training as one of the most essential trainings embarked upon by his Federation in the sense that it is geared towards building the capacity of VDC members on leadership management.

Many projects have failed as a result of lack of proper management, according to Mr Cham.

“This is why we deem the training for Village Development Committee members necessary to strengthen their capacity and know their roles in their respective zones,” he said, while underscoring the need for security for children.

Without the participation of all and sundry, it will be difficult to guarantee the security of the children, he said, adding: “It is therefore a collective responsibility to ensure that the lives of our children are safe and protected.”

The Saamasang boss challenged the participants to take the training seriously as it is as important as any other training.

For his part, Alieu Mendy, programme development officer in Jamisa Ward, echoed similar sentiments but expressed disappointment in the way and manner some of the children are being treated.

He underscored the importance of parents’ participation in the protection of their children, saying parents too have a role to play in protecting and guiding their children.

Noting that one institution cannot do it alone, Mendy said building the capacity of the VDC is his Federation’s priority. “The VDC members are key components in every village because at the village level, everything starts with them,” he added.

He stressed the need for closer collaboration between the VDC and village heads but urged VDC members to understand that they are answerable to the village heads.

Also speaking at the forum, Amadou Tambedou, Saamasang Federation officer, underscored the importance of the security of children. “This is of paramount importance to every society,” he said.