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Rural Roads: A cause for concern

Oct 21, 2011, 1:29 PM

Road conditions in rural Gambia as, for example, in the Wuli districts in the Upper River Region, like many other roads in rural Gambia is a serious cause for concern.

For many years now, the people residing in the provinces, including in the Wuli areas, have been complaining of their roads, but no significant action has been taken towards the development of the neglected rural roads.

A recent traveler upcountry has been lamenting her ordeal when she travel to Wuli East for an official mission.

For people who are natives of the provinces, based in the Kombos, it is always difficult for them to visit their families back home in the villages. To such people, going to their villages is always a nightmare.

Take, for instance, the road linking Basse and the Wulis, which is in a deplorable state, and the road between Dramany and Chamoi Bunda, also between Bantunding and Sutukoba, which are all in a very poor condition, for many years now.

Or take the road linking Chamoi Bunda, Barrow Kunda and Gunjur Kuta in Wuli West, which is another road that no one would love using, unless they have no other choice.

Politically, while Wuli East is an APRC stronghold, Wuli West remains an opposition area.

However, we have seen in recent times more people in Wuli West also cross-carpeting to the ruling party, hoping to be rewarded with more development activities in their area like road construction. 

However, for such people this is a dream yet to be realized.

Indeed, the people in the two constituencies often do ask each other what their supported parties have brought to them, with regard to major infrastructure development.

People in the two Wulis are all facing the same problems, ranging from poor road conditions, to lack of access to electricity, and so on.

Since it is the responsibility of the government to build major infrastructure works like roads, we think it is high time for it to look at the plight of rural inhabitants, especially of the Wulis, and those who regularly travel to the area.

We really do sympathize with our rural brethren!