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Remembering Sheikh Gibril Kujabi

Apr 26, 2013, 10:04 AM

We received with great sadness news of the untimely death of Sheikh Gibril Kujabi of the Tallinding Islamic Institute, which sad event occurred on Tuesday.

This came as a great shock to the entire country, particularly the Muslim community. The late Gibril Kujabi was indeed, a great asset to the country and the Muslim Ummah at large.

As an Islamic scholar and teacher, he spent his life contributing to the development of the education sector in the country, including teaching people about Islam.

We will miss him dearly, because of his contributions to the spreading of the Islamic religion, easy-going approach and his love for humanity in general.

The prominent Islamic scholar was always willing to share knowledge with his colleagues, and the public at large.

His demise is a great loss to his family, loved ones and the nation and the Islamic Union.

It is worth mentioning that during his life time, he taught a lot of children, both at his home and at school or at conferences.

Described by many as a peaceful man, he was indeed a down-to-earth person, who spent his life preaching the word of God.

In any case, the man will always be remembered for what he lived for.

He was a devout Muslim, who dedicated his entire life to the cause of Allah.

Sheikh Kujabi has gone, but his legacy will never die; this is because of the good things he did for people and the country as a whole.

He died at the time when the country is mournining the death of another prominent scholar, Dr Mangum Ceesay.

The country indeed needs patriots like Sheikh Gibril Kujabi and Dr Ceesay.

May their gentle souls rest in peace!