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Reform and Fresh Ideas Are the Best Way Forward

Apr 24, 2008, 4:45 AM

All those involved in the four-day training workshop on the Whole School Development (WSD) approach must be highly commended for their work. The Principal Education Officer of Region Five, Mr. Muhammad Touray, said that this workshop came about as a result of a finding that was carried out to look at the falling standards in our schools. He said teachers, especially head teachers have little devotion to actual teaching and learning, instead most of their time is spent mobilising resources in order to develop their school and make themselves richer.

This is a very serious situation. If this is indeed the case then it must tackled and tackled quickly. We cannot allow this kind of situation to continue as it will lead to the deterioration of our education system.

Only if there is reform can we save our education system and more importantly the educational potential of the children who are being educated at the moment. Children in the school system at the moment are at a disadvantage as long as this situation persists and this is very unfair. Every child is entitled to an education but what is rarely said but is very pertinent is that they are entitled to a quality education. A bad or sub standard education is almost as bad as no education at all. We must ensure that the education our children are receiving is the best they possibly can. For this reason the whole school development approach is a very positive one.

Also discussed at the training was the new PTA constitution as well as a new school management manual. These reforms will be very positive if they are properly introduced.

Mr. Anthony Mendy, one of the facilitators, said that the introduction of these new documents is geared toward promoting a democratic style of managing in schools. He added that some people have been PTA members for more than 20 years and are beginning to lose interest in the school's wellbeing. He stated that this was terrible for the development of the education system, as with any system we must turn over leaders as they lose interest in the beneficiaries.

According to him the new PTA constitution is now calling for elections where people will get a chance to vote for their choice in office. The term of office is now four years and nobody can serve for more than two terms. Mr. Mendy could not have spoken a truer word. As with politics terms of office should be limited to two so that those electing representatives can be assured that there will be fresh energy, ideas and impetus introduced on a regular basis. This approach benefits not only the school or the nation but all those involved.

Let us hope that the good work we have seen started in this recent workshop will continue to grow and go from strength to strength throughout the nation. The benefits to our future leaders will be many.

"Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous."