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Promoting the culture of reading

Apr 12, 2012, 1:55 PM

The culture of reading should be nurtured in our children to help them become good in their various fields of study.

The benefits of reading are many, and could help our students not only pass their exams, but to understand issues deeply.

Culture of reading would also help schools address the practice of examination malpractice to some extent, since when students know and understanding matters they would feel comfortable to answer them.

Parents and teachers should join hands together to nurture the culture of reading in our schools and homes, for the betterment of our future leaders.

We also encourage students to form reading clubs to improve their reading capabilities, and make them good students.

Most often, people blame teachers for the failure of students in schools to realise that the issue of students not reading their books is a main contributing factor to their failure in school.

Schooling does not stop at learning in school, reading at homes also counts a lot.

Students should make national and school libraries their friends, where they can learn more things and nurture the habit of reading.

It has been said that, for you to become a good student, you must make your books your best friends.

We encourage educational NGOs and charities to donate to our schools and libraries more books, so as to promote the culture of reading among our children.

We also encourage schools, and even the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to initiate reading competitions among school children to promote the culture of reading in the education system.

With such initiatives, as well as providing public praise in the school assembly and a small prize to students who read well, would boost the culture of reading in our schools.

The overall goal of such competitions would be to simply get students interested in reading for pleasure and self-education.