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PRO says Statehouse meeting request led to division

Nov 4, 2019, 2:01 PM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

Public Relation Officer (PRO) of a breakaway Fula Association, Tabital Pulaagu Gambia said the division that the Association is currently experiencing stemmed from the recent meeting that President Barrow held with the Fula community.

During an interview on Home Digital FM radio “Mengbekering” programme, Begi Bah said the reason of their ongoing contention as a Fula association was as a result of a requested number of 3,000 members of the association from the same tribe by their Chairman Seedy Dem to meet President Barrow at state House.

“Some of us did not agree with our Chairman to provide 3,000 members from the association across the country to meet the president at statehouse and this is where the disagreement all started, because what I personally told him is if the president wanted to meet the association, he should do it through the executive,” he said

He said such has never been a practice by any former leader in the country, while citing the era of former President Jawara and Yahya Jammeh who, he said has never in any given circumstance alleged to call a single tribe with them at state House for a meeting.

“It has never happened that a president was alleged to request a single tribe to meet him at state House, so why will an association of one single Fula tribe be request to meet President Barrow? This is where some of us do not agree as Fulas, because we have been living peacefully with other tribes and co-intermarry each other even before we Know Barrow as a person”.