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PRESS RELEASE: The Gambia Christian Community issues Word of Encouragement

Jan 10, 2017, 11:57 AM

In the name of God the Almighty, we continue to pray for peace in our beloved country – for the Gambia our Home Land.

Beloved people of the Gambia and all who herein reside, in the name of the Christian community of the Gambia we hereby call on all of you to remain calm and protect the peace and security of our land, while we continue to take care of our duties and businesses peacefully as Gambians as we go along our way.

In our view, the present situation does not call for any serious difficulty and that it can be resolved without violence.

We firmly believe that through dialogue, we can address the differences, look at our common good so that as Gambians we can come to an agreement to resolving the situation.

Our position as a Christian community is that democracy should lead to peace whatever the differences. It is time for all of us to reflect on what we have enjoyed over the past years since Independence (or beyond) – peace – a priceless treasure to the envy of all in the sub-region and the world at large.

Let is work for peace and in these difficult times we ask all and sundry to make every effort to pursue conscientiously and maintain the peace.

We pray therefore, for the blessing of Almighty God on our country the Gambia – Our Home Land and for its entire people to remain peaceful at all times.


Rev. FR Emile B. Sambou - Vicar General

Diocese of Banjul

Date 9/01/2017