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Rotary Int’l District Governor 9101 wraps up tour in Gambia

Sep 26, 2016, 10:26 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The new-elected District Governor 2016 to 2017 of Rotary International Club, Aristide Tino Adediran, a Senegalese national, has concluded his weeklong visit to The Gambia.

The District Governor arrived in The Gambia last Monday and wrapped up his visit on Friday with a seminar held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The seminar, held for the District Governor to deliver a statement on behalf of the President of the International Rotary Club based in America, John Germ, was attended by members of the Rotary of Club of Fajara, Rotary Club of Banjul, Rotary Club of Brusubi and the Rotaract.

The District Governor was also in The Gambia to visit some of the major intervention projects sponsored by the Rotary Club of Fajara and other related interventions by various Rotarians in The Gambia.

In delivering a speech at the seminar, the District Governor, Aristide Tino Adediran, spoke extensively about the importance attached to the formation of rotary clubs and the ethics, values and principles that qualify one to become a Rotarian.

He also spoke on the need for expansion of their membership as Rotarians and to ensure the sustainability of their clubs in various countries.

He dilated on the professionalism, honesty, fairness, goodwill and benefits to all, while speaking on intervention of Rotarians in areas especially water, hygiene, sanitation, borehole, polio immunisation among other development activities.

The District Governor expressed appreciation and satisfaction about the intervention of the Rotary Club of Fajara and the Rotary Club of Banjul in ploughing back to their communities.

He was very impressed for what he had seen in The Gambia and encouraged Rotarians to continue the momentum of support, as they should always think of what they could do for humanity.

He advised the newly-chartered Rotary Club of Brusubi to learn from the Rotary Club of Fajara and the Rotary Club of Banjul, “who have vast experience”.

Mr Adediran told the President of the Rotary Club of Brusubi that his performance would be monitored and assessed by the Rotary Club International.

He said the Rotary Club International has the mandate to revoke their certificate if they failed to perform. He therefore urged them to show more love for humanity and devotion to their club in the interest of all.

Also speaking at the seminar, Abdoulie Cham, president of the Rotary Club of Fajara, said he was glad about and highly appreciated the visit of the District Governor to The Gambia.

He said he was delighted to have such a prominent figure visiting The Gambia.

“We have learned and achieved a lot from him during his weeklong stay in the country,” Mr Cham said. “It was very intensive in terms of collaboration and teamwork among all rotary clubs in The Gambia.”

Mr Cham described the tour as very successful in the sense that the district governor chose The Gambia as the first country of his visit.

He buttressed the importance of Rotarians becoming role models anywhere they are.

Adam Wadda, president of the Rotary Club of Fajara, also expressed appreciation and excitement about the visit of the District Governor to The Gambia.

She said the visit had been an exciting one and “a source of motivation and encouragement”.

During the District Governor’s weeklong tour, he was taken to many areas of their intervention projects to see for himself what the Rotary Club of Fajara was able to do in their community, she said.

Ms Wadda advised her fellow Rotarians to show high sense of commitment, professionalism and ethical standard as Rotarians.

She also expressed delight for the fact that a Gambian, Aki Allen, is the District Governor Nominee in 2018-2019, which is a pride to the entire Gambia Rotarian community.

For his part, the president of the newly-Chartered Rotary Club of Brusubi, Moses MCN Kalala Saparo Tint Vincent also commended the District Governor for awarding them a certificate as a full-fledged rotary club recognised internationally.

He said this was a “big trust and challenge” but they would endeavour to live up to expectations.

Minyang Jobe, a member of the Rotary Club of Fajara, spoke about the need for teamwork and collaboration as well as for honesty, fairness and goodwill.