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President Jammeh's Farm Set For Rainy Season Cultivation

May 26, 2008, 6:08 AM | Article By: By Abdou Rahman Sallah in CRR

Over 300 Green Boys across the Central River Region (CRR) converged recently to clear President Jammeh's rice field at a place called Faraba near Jangjangbureh.

Mr. Omar Mamburay, the Regional Youths Mobiliser, visited the site during the work. He told The Point that this is a clear demonstration of the President's call back to the land. He believes we should all follow President Jammeh's example and grow our own fruit, vegetables, rice, etc to feed ourselves and to sell to others during this worldwide food crisis.

According to him the field is now successfully prepared and set for rainy season cultivation. He commended the youths for their warm welcome for President Jammeh and his entourage when he came to talk with the farmers' tour.

The Chief of the Janjangbureh District, Seyfo Bakary Jam Jawo, thanked and commended the CRR Green Boys for their limitless commitment and loyalty to His Excellency President Jammeh and his APRC government. He also stated that there are other farms that have been identified for the Green Boys to cultivate at Nyantalleh in Janjangbureh.

He seized the opportunity and also thanked and commended them for welcoming President Jammeh before his conversation with the farmers' tour. He then urged the youths to renew their loyalty to President Jammeh and his Government because "only the Government can bring development to this country".

Among the dignitaries present were the Deputy Governor of CRR, Lamin Darboe, the Chief of the Lower Fulladu West Districts, Seyfo Momodou Lamin Baldeh and the Former Area Councilor, Chairman Alh Mallang Saibo Camara.