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Political situation in Mali

Dec 13, 2012, 8:50 AM

The political situation in Mali is becoming serious, and needs urgent regional and global intervention.

The latest development coming from the West African country is not encouraging at all.

While the northern parts of the country are being occupied by the Islamist extremists and rebels, the country’s prime minister was also forced to resign and put under house arrest.

The arrest was uncalled for, especially at a time when there are serious concerns about Mali’s stability, and when the international community was considering backing a military intervention, including Malian soldiers, to claim the country’s north from the Islamists.

We, therefore, condemn the move by leaders of the March coup, and urge them to return Mali to constitutional order as soon as possible.

The Malian soldiers must avoid manipulating the country’s politics, and should remain in the background and allow civilians to rule the country.

There is an absolute need to restore peace and security in Mali, as the lack of peace in the volatile region poses a serious threat to stability in the entire region.

The international community must continue to tell the stakeholders in the Malian crisis to allow peace to prevail in that country.

There is fear that without any urgent action, the blood of many women and children,  the most vulnerable in the society, will continue to be spilled in that country.

Many African countries are still suffering from conflicts, whether manifest or simmering; thus the Mali crisis calls for urgent resolution.