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Police Bans Street Selling in Banjul

Nov 26, 2008, 5:20 AM | Article By: Bakary Samateh

According to reliable sources, the police have mounted a street clearing exercise to stop vendors from selling their food items and wares in the streets of Banjul.

According to our sources, the police at Banjul station last week cracked down on vendors selling food items and goods in the streets of Banjul and confiscated their goods and tables for identification purposes at the court.

When contacted, the police public relation officer, ASP Sulayman Secka, confirmed the story as true, saying"Yes their goods and tables have been confiscated because the practice of lining goods and food items along the streets is not proper". He said the vendors are causing public obstruction and even traffic congestion sometimes. He said as a vendor you can't expect to sell your goods anywhere you feel like. "The market is the main place for selling, but not in the streets so therefore we want to stop every thing as soon as possible. In fact some vendors sell food in the streets without taking proper care of the food they sell.

This is uncalled for in terms of our own health," he said. He asserted that the goods confiscated from the vendors would be tendered in court as exhibits.