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Peace Corps in The Gambia

May 14, 2012, 12:44 PM

Another batch of US Peace Corps volunteers has just been sworn in marking the formal commencement of their volunteer service in the Smiling Coast.

Ever since the coming of US Peace Corps in the country, the volunteers have been serving in various development fields across the country.

The volunteers could be found in very remote villages in the country, helping communities in fostering services in the health, education and environment fields.

They cope despite all challenges to accomplishing their mission in the country, by helping the country achieve her development goals.

We once more welcome the newly-sworn in volunteers to the country, and urge communities to work closely with them and make their stay in the country useful to the country.

US volunteers work in schools and health centres, as well as doing environmental projects, working with farmers and beekeepers and so on.

While in The Gambia, Peace Corps volunteers try to establish themselves and adapt to the culture and language of their host communities.

The relationships they create with their host communities, both individually and collectively, while supporting and assisting them continues to have a lasting impact on many Gambians.

We urge the benefiting communities to give the volunteers all the necessary support, and see them as their supporters and partners in development.

We must appreciate the volunteers for travelling hundreds of miles away from their home country to come and serve us in improving our livelihood.

We hope that the long hours of study, and the accomplishment of difficult tasks the volunteers undertake prior to their final deployment, will pay off in their ability to work effectively in a challenging job that will directly benefit a great number of our people.