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Pan-African Parliament is Africa’s Saviour

May 12, 2011, 3:46 PM

The fourth ordinary session of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) currently taking place in South Africa is timely.

PAP is considering the current situation in Libya and is planning to undertake a fact-finding mission to Tripoli and Benghazi to gather information and make recommendations for the restoration of peace in Libya.

It is also high time for the African Parliament to look at the situation in countries like Tunisia and Egypt.

Africa today is being confronted with a lot of conflicts, some of which are man-made, but others are due to bad governance and a lack of respect for democracy.

We strongly believe that the African Union should emulate the PAP to take its rightful leadership role to immediately mediate in the current conflicts affecting the African region.

The AU and ECOWAS should try all means to address these African problems.

Mediation is an ongoing process, and they should not only try once and stop, even though some of the leaders at the center of these conflicts downplay their efforts.

Indeed, this should not make them to be discouraged.

We should not sit back and allow the development our continent has attained so far to just perish within a short period of time, since war is not good and would only bring backwardness and under-development.

Let us not allow anybody to destroy our continent.

Africa is blessed with a lot of natural resources, and with good governance we can make very rapid development.