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Pakistani Children Need to Be Protected

May 26, 2009, 5:22 AM

ActionAid says that children and young people form the majority of the 750,000 to one million people leaving the Swat Valley and surrounding districts, as fighting between the Taliban and government troops in Pakistan intensifies, where the issues are clearly the arrogant subjection of individuals to naked injustice. 

The charity added that it found that the children face particular dangers and hardships both on the journey and when they arrive and settle in camps or private homes, and fear that many could fall prey to child trafficking which was prevalent in Pakistan after the earthquake of 2005.

This, not otherwise but unfortunate situation in itself calls for global efforts to turn things round. Truth to tell, these vulnerable people need to be protected come rain come storm, that there should be a time bar to the kind of reign in the circumstances that they are experiencing.

Child labour is common. If boys are idle their families will be tempted to send them out to work. Boys are unlikely ever to return to education once they have started working.

ActionAid clearly states that it is concerned that their other needs are not being met.

The majority arrive with no possessions, and need bedding, kitchen utensils and basic toiletries. They need food, including milk and other nourishing foods for young children. What an unfortunate situation.

"Most people coming from the conflict areas do not have enough cash to purchase all these for themselves. Families are taking out loans to cover purchases and rent, and they are looking urgently for sources of income," the charity revealed.

Action Aid said it will be giving learning materials and other school equipment, and it plans to recruit 32 teachers to provide informal schooling and keep children on the educational path. We encourage others to emulate them.