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Papa Njie Chu due in town

Jun 18, 2010, 2:21 PM

Senegalese mbalax star Papa Njie Chu is expected in the country as part of his birthday celebration. Upon arrival in Banjul, Papa Njie Chu will stage a one night musical extravaganza at the main Jokor Garden Night Club at West Field.

Papa Njie Chu who rocks the mbalax scene, and also one of the best dancers for Senegalese mbalax superstar Youssou Ndure, will surprise all those who attend the programme with top class entertainment .

In a chat with Mike Sarr, the administrator of  Jokor Garden Night Club, he told Entertainment that the programme was organised by the management of Jokor, adding that this will be the grand opening under the new management of Jokor, and the event will also feature some Gambian artists. Come One Come All!