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Our mission is re-branding the name of Lamin’

Nov 27, 2014, 9:39 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Sang Mendy, Lamin zonal team head coach, has said that their mission this year is re-branding the name of Lamin, as they had been branded a troublesome zone after being butted out of last year’s tournament due to violence.

It was fair they were butted out of the competition last year because they violated the rules, he admitted, saying this year will be different as they have told their fans to take every result in good faith because football has three sides: lose, draw or win.

One cannot go against nature, he remarks, saying in a game one can only win, draw or lose, which is the nature of the game of football.

He promised the community that they would try to re-brand the name of Lamin because they have been branded as a troublesome zone, he said.

They would play their best in every game but at the same time comfort themselves with discipline, he stated.

There is no room for indiscipline in football, he highlighted, saying they had a series of meetings with the village elders as well as committee members regarding discipline.

“No matter what happens we have to keep our nerves and conduct ourselves, take every result and find our way,” he went on.

They have to accelerate more if they want to go as far as the final, which is their main objective, said head coach Mendy, who added that they would train hard and fight for every point in their coming games.

They worked on playing as a team and sticking to their game plan against Brufut in their opening encounter of the competition, he concluded.