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No Position is Permanent

Jun 10, 2009, 6:55 AM

As the saying goes, surprises can come anyhow, anytime and anywhere. So it is important for one to be honest in whatever they do.

Human beings should always remember that one important thing in life is to have respect, love and "whatever you wish for yourself, you wish the same to others". When you are lucky to be appointed in any position, one should be committed and determined to work for the betterment of the country.

Experience has shown that when some public officials are promoted to top positions, they immediately colour, often forget their old friends and make new ones.

They often do not take advices, forgetting that no man is perfect. The appointment of anyone to top positions should not make him or her forget about old friends, but should instead focus on strengthening that friendship.

For the civil servant and senior government officials, they should be accountable to the tax payers.

Since President Jammeh has revealed some of the weaknesses of unspecified government officials, travels should be monitored as well as limited. Government vehicles should be reduced and monitored to avoid excess use of fuel.

Senior government officials should be made to understand that they should serve the public interest, and thus remain transparent, accountable and even be ready to declare their assets.

As Gambians, we should not indulge in witch-hunting spree, but we must say the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Tarnishing each other's image or character assassination should not be seen as a fun.

We should foster cordial relationship among ourselves. The Gambia government should make it a point of duty to iron out differences between the Gambia and her neighbours, if there is any.

In life, one cannot avoid push and pull or quarrel, but it is long over due that we break the ice and pave the way for peace and prosperity in the sub-region.