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No cause for alarm on shortage of basic commodities - PS Dampha assures

Mar 20, 2020, 1:04 PM | Article By: Ismaila Sonko

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment has assured the populace that there is no cause for panic or alarm on shortage of the basic commodities in the market amid the global spread of corona virus.

Lamin Dampha in an exclusive with The Point, assured that there is enough stocks available in the country.

He disclosed that his ministry is aware of the panic among Gambians at the moment with regards to scarcity of food in the wake of the COVID-19.This, he observed, is forcing many people buy more food items.

“We want to assure to the general public that this is not the case. We have enough stocks of basic commodities such as rice, oil, onions, potatoes, flour and to name a few,” he mentioned.

The Ministry, he went on, has conducted a consultative meeting with major importers as well as a market research. These initiatives, he added, have revealed that the stocks of essential food commodities are adequate for the coming months.

“Our fear is how long will the crisis last because that is a global concern and if it takes so long we can start thinking about that. But for now we didn’t have any problem as far as food stocks is concern,” he said.

PS Dampha said the Ministry would continue to monitor and engage the business community on the supply of the basic commodities and their prices in the market.

Additionally, information reaching this medium has indicated that the prices of most of the brands of rice have also remained stable, except the horse brand that has increase from D1400 to D1600 per bag due to a surge in demand for this particular brand.