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No cause for Alarm

Dec 9, 2016, 10:48 AM

It must have been noticed  that security  officers  have been  deployed  at strategic places in town, which has drawn concern  from  the general  public as to  what must have necessitated  such a move.

It should also be noted that the Inspector General of Police on behalf of the National Security Council, addressed the nation over GRTS on Friday December 2nd to inform the general public about their stance to maintain law and order, as well as to keep the country on a steady progress, with everyone going about their lawful businesses.

The Security Chiefs  have also made it clear that there should be no cause for alarm, that the deployment of security officials at strategic locations is just to ensure that the peace in the country is maintained, as well as to protect life and property.

Also the statement by the security chiefs in supporting and working with the Barrow government is a welcomed move, which for sure will nurture the peace and tranquillity of our beloved country.

We would like, therefore, to commend the security chiefs for the vital role they have played in the presidential election campaign, and after the election to protect life and property, which is part of their mandate.

The general public should, therefore, collaborate with security apparatus by calling 555 in the event of skirmishes, and anything that would jeopardise the peace in the country.

We would also like to appeal to all religious leaders – both Muslims and Christians - to continue to pray for peace and stability in the country.

Let us put aside our differences and work for the good and betterment of our nation.

We should endeavour to shun violence, tribalism, nepotism and anything that will jeopardise the peace and tranquillity of The Gambia.

It is gratifying to note that the security chiefs and personnel have pledged their loyalty and allegiance to the new government, with reassuring confidence and hope that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure peace in the country.

Peace is priceless, so let’s safeguard it.

“Maintain peace and security for all.”

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