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Njie B On Summer Jam At Milly's Night Club

Aug 7, 2009, 7:31 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Njie B Da Conqueror, is a musical genius who is very near and dear to the hearts of music lovers in The Gambia, is on Summer Jam to sell the music industry to the whole world and is supported by House of production and Milly;s night club in Senegambia.

Speaking in an interview with 'Entertainment' last Tuesday at his residence, Njie B said the purpose of the Summer Jam entertainment at Milly's night club is to educate himself with his fans to share some connection and inspiration. He added that the Summer Jam is a peace VIP night club. Njie B's name rings a bell, and has now become a regular feature in public discourse, and his name has undoubtedly gone down the history books as far as Gambian music is concerned.

Touching on his music career, Njie B Da Conqueror, a Farafeni-born music star explained that in 2003 he went professionally into the studio where he released his first album entitled Ignorance which he signed as contract with the National Aids Secretariat { {NAS}.In 2005,Njie B came with a second album entitled I SEE THEM COMING.The album contained ten tracks with a CD clip entitled I PRAY.In 2007, the Farafeni-born artist released the third album entitled PRAISE JAH proudly sponsored by Africell.This album also included a CD clip entitled FALLING IN LOVE. In 2008, Njie B worked with a Charitable Foundation for the youths called Build your future.

Njie B is currently working on his fourth album which is expected to be released soon. Entitled True Africans. Njie B recorded his fourth album in the UK which is also sponsored by Africells. Njie B said during his visit to the UK, he tried as much as possible to build connection with artists in the UK. He therefore thanked those Gambians in the UK in supporting him one way or the other in promoting The Gambia music industry. Njie B said the reason why people like his music, is because of the positive message it contains. He also noted that the youths have to win intelligence and respect, and those are the Goals and the Keys of life.