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Trial of the Jambur Four Progresses

May 27, 2009, 8:10 AM | Article By: Binta Fatty & Yai Dibba

The trial of the four Jambur youths charged with conspiracy and threatening to burn the alkalo's compound, yesterday proceeded at the Brikama Magistrates' Court with testimony of Nuha Darboe, the second accused person in the case.

In his defence, Nuha Darboe told the court that on the 28th of January this year, while he was sitting at the village 'bantaba' with his co-accused, a group consisting the 'Green Boys' came and told them that they came to help the people of Jambur catch witches and bad people in the village.

He adduced that Kebba Bojang, the Alkalo of the village assembled the people at the bantaba, where the supposed witch-hunters had apprehended some people including his own mother and took them away.

He added that Morro Gasama asked the Alkalo whether these people will have food to eat, and the Alkalo replied in the positive and assured them that there would be no problem. He also adduced that those apprehended will return the very day, which was never the case.

He said the following morning he went to the village bantaba where he found Moro Gasama and the others and started discussing whereabouts of their parents.

He said they later went to the Alkalo's compound to ask him about the whereabouts of their parents. He said when the Alkalo was questioned he told them that he had not gotten in touch with them; and they were told to go and assured them that their parents would be back before long.

He said from the Alkalo's compound they went back to the bantaba and later Moro Gasama and Mamudou Bojang and Tapha left for Farato and he and Foday went back to their homes.

He said the following day, Saturday the 31st January 2009 in the morning, while he was still in bed, his brother woke him up and informed him that the police were asking for him. He adduced that when he came out the police told him he was needed at the Brikama Police Station. He said when he came out he found a waiting vehicle at their gate and inside the vehicle was Moro Gasama and Tapha Bojang's wives. He said that upon arrival at the police station they were asked some questions by the police and later put into the cells.

At that juncture the counsel for the accused persons asked Mr. Darboe whether they had threatened the Alkalo when they went to his compound. His answer was in the negative. Asked further whether he had conspired with anyone to burn the Alkalo's compound, he again answered in the negative.

He also asked him whether his mother finally returned home, he replied that she finally came home but on Thursday.

Sergeant Samura, the police prosecutor put it to the accused that he had indeed conspired with people at the bantaba that they were going to burn the Alkalo's compound, an allegation Mr. Darboe denied.

The case continues on the 9th June 2009.