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New Arabic School for Batokunku

Feb 20, 2013, 8:52 AM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

The villagers of Batokunku and its catchment areas in Kombo South District of the West Coast Region were last Wednesday blessed with a new Madrasa, called Aboubacarr Sideeq Comprehensive School. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. YunusAhmed and his friend Yunus Member, who built the school at a tune of D2.1million.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the proprietor of Sheikh Muhamed Jarjusey said for the past fifteen (15) years he dedicated greater part of his time to the education of future leaders for the memorization of the Holy Quran.

“I am proud to inform you that over 200 students have so far graduated from his Madrasa School with the full memorization of the Holy Quran and they can confidently compete at anywhere in this country and abroad,” Sheikh Jarjusey stated.

He made mentioned of the gigantic role played by Mr. Yunus Ahmed and his uncle Ismail Ahmed, both from the UK for their immense contribution to the establishment of this Madrasa School. He thanked Mr. Yunus Ahmed and his uncle Ismail Ahmed for their benevolent support, noting that Mr. Yunus and his uncle were supportive to the students of the school in key areas, among them, were the provision of foodstuff, like rice, sugar, cooking oil, provision of scholarship to some students, provision of clothes, etc.

Sheikh Muhamed Jarjusey recognised the support given to his school by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) under the stewardship of President Yahya Jammeh whose leadership created the enabling environment for such development to take place in the country.“I would also thank the Alkalo and the villagers of Batokunku for providing this piece of land to build a Madrasa School and I cannot say much about Mr. Yunus and his family and other donors for their timely aid to my Arabic school,” Sheikh Jarjusey said.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony was Mr. Yunus Ahmed, who represented his uncle, Ismail Ahmed.On behalf of their families, he extended best wishes to Sheikh Muhammed Mumin, Head of Munazamat Al Daw’a Al Islamiya, Sheikh Imam Abdoulie Fatty, Imam of State House Mosque, the villagers of Batokunku and its surroundings for gracing the occasion with their presence.

“We hope many people will benefit from this comprehensive school and I felt grateful to the Almighty Allah for putting in my heart to help the people of Batokunku and the Gambian people in general, by providing them with a new Arabic school,” Mr. Yunus Ahmed told the gathering.

He appealed to the villagers of Batokunku and its environs and the people of West Coast Region, in particular, to work with the school management for the education of their children.

At the end of the ceremony, the school management also presented certificates of appreciation to Mr. Yunus Ahmed for their efforts in providing Arabic school to the doorsteps of the people of Batokunku.

Other speakers at the ceremony were the Imam of State House Mosque, Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty; Project Coordinator, Abubaccar Jaiteh; Arfang Sarjo Solli, who spoke on behalf of the Imam of Batokunku, andFafa Jatta Alkalo of Batokunku.