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NCAC organise two-day in-house training

Nov 26, 2010, 1:57 PM

The National Centre for Art and Culture (NCAC) has organised a two-day in-house training for its staff.

The training was held recently at the Museum to sensitise the staff members on the Copyright Act.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, one of the resource persons for the training, Bernard K. Bosumprah, a former Copyright Administrator, said the mission in The Gambia is to train members of the NCAC on the Copyright Act, which was passed in 2004.

He said the Act is yet to be implemented in The Gambia. "One of the reason why it has not been implemented may be the Centre does not have the technical know-how," he said.

Mr Bosumprah added: "The Centre made a request to the World Intellectual Property where they identified me as an expert who could assist with the implementation.

"So we put on a programme of activities to help in the execution of my mission to The Gambia and one of it is to organise a workshop for the staff of the Centre to introduce the copyright in general."

He said he was the copyright administrator for 13 years in Ghana, adding that he is in The Gambia to set the basis for the Act to be implemented. 

"You cannot see much about copyright activities in The Gambia. The difference will be in the level of enforcement," he said.