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NBSAP engages CSOs on protection of biodiversity

Sep 17, 2014, 10:22 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The Department of Parks and Wildlife Management in partnership with National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan (NBSAP) recently held a regional civil society engagement session on the protection of the country’s biodiversity to enhance economic growth.

Speaking on the occasion, the deputy governor, Mustapha Saidy, underscored the importance the government attaches to the protection of the environment to enhance food self-sufficiency and sustainable livelihood.

He commended civil society organizations for their active participation in supporting communities in creating water diversion and sustainable land management.

Njaga Khan, the community development officer who doubles as the focal point for NBSAP, noted that civil society organizations play a critical role in building public awareness on environmental protection and conservation.

He called on members to be steadfast and network to share best practices on environmental management.

Salimina E Jobe, the project manager NBSAP, noted that the involvement of people is essential in the restoration and planting of trees in degraded areas.

Planting of trees would contribute to regeneration of forest species, he said, and cautioned chainsaw owners to be vigilant to preserve biodiversity.

The NBSAP official said women have an important central role in biodiversity management, and conservation of the country’s natural resources.

Abdoulie Sawo of the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management said the department’s mandate is to regulate conservation of biological diversity, and to manage the wildlife population in protected areas.

He said the department supports communities, citing the provision of agro-forestry, village banking and vegetable gardening to improve lives.

Mama Manneh director of the Njawara Agricultural Training Centre said food security is the cornerstone to sustainable development, and called on people to plant trees.

He said his agency attaches great importance to building farmers and individual capacity on the alternative sources of energy.

The NATC director called for the intensification of awareness-creation on the control of stray animals, noting that this would contribute to the attainment of food security.

He said people needed to protect the country’s vegetation, and called on stakeholders to be proactive.