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NBR farmers sensitized on SLMP to boost environmental protection

Nov 4, 2014, 10:04 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The regional agricultural directorate in Kerewan North Bank Region in partnership with Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP) recently organized a sensitization session for farmers on soil and water conservation techniques, integrated watershed management, rangeland management, crop and livestock integration, agro forestry and environmental management.

The objective was to create public awareness on sustainable land management to enable communities to take ownership and preserve the natural resources.

The exercise was held at the Chamen Agricultural Training and Seed multiplication Centre.

Alasan CMB Bah, acting Regional Agriculture Director, said building farmers’ awareness on sustainable land management is important to enhance food production and productivity.

He said the department of Agriculture is committed to empowering farmers to adopt best agricultural practices, and called on frontline extension workers to be vigilant to support farmers in enhancing sustainable land management.

Sana Singhateh, the SLMP focal point in NBR, noted that the management and protection of the productive land areas calls for the concerted efforts of all to bring about attainment of food self-sufficiency.

Adoption of soil conservation techniques and planting of trees would address soil erosion, increase soil fertility and contribute to food self-sufficiency, he added.

Lamin Jarju, Regional Environmental Officer, reminded the people about the anti-littering regulation, and called on communities to be proactive in managing solid waste and keeping the environment clean.

NEA would prosecute anyone found guilty of violating the anti -littering law, and for illegal dumping, he announced.

Ebou Janha, Regional Forestry Officer, said the protection of the forest from over-exploitation calls for the concerted efforts of all.

Deforestation remains a concern for the department of Forestry, Janha said, citing the indiscriminate felling of trees, increase in population, farmland expansion, bushfires, collection of herbal medicines and for economic gain.

The forestry officer called on people to change their attitude towards the protection of forest from all forms of illegal logging.

Momodou Darboe, Regional Livestock Director, applauded the SLM project for building farmers’ capacity on the effective management of scarce forest resources and farmland.

The proper management of land would create more grazing areas for livestock and small ruminants and contribute to food security and poverty reduction, he said.

He called on communities to plant fodder trees along farm boundaries to enhance the nutritional supplementation of animal feed.