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NBR business community urged to be compliant in Tax Payments

May 15, 2017, 11:49 AM | Article By: Saidou S. Baldeh

The deputy Governor for the North Bank Region, Mustapha Saidy, has urged business communities within his region to be compliant in the payment of tax.

He said that the early payment of tax ensures government implements the development aspirations of the citizenry.

The NBR deputy governor made these remarks recently in Farafenni in a tax seminar forum organized by The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) for business communities within the region.

The government, he added, could only achieve its development need for the people through the taxes been paid.

 “Government can only build road networks, hospitals, an electricity infrastructure and pay civil servant salaries through the payment of tax. We will not compromise in the payment of tax, because it is through the payment of tax that government generates income and ploughs it back to the people,” he added. 

For his part, Lamin Jassey, the manager of Corporate and Public Affairs at GRA dwelled on the significant of the forum.

He called for the participation of the participants with a view to enable them to understand the different taxes administers by the GRA.

The seminar, he noted, was part of the GRA’s attempt to educate and sensitise the general public on the taxes it administers.

 “Today’s event is special given the fact that the forum brings together members of the business community who will help facilitate tax compliance. The forum also avails us the opportunities to sensitise the business community, and tax payers, about revenue laws,” he stated.

Mr Jarsey further noted the effort was geared towards modernising the tax system and improving the reforms recently undertaken by the government aimed at promoting micro-economic stability, improving revenue mobilization and promote efficiency in resource allocation.

The seminar was part of series of programmes undertaken with key stakeholders in the country with a view to enhancing understanding and improving compliance.

The deputy director for Compliance, Taxpayer Education and Training George W. Thomas, also joined various speakers by dwelling on the importance of the seminar.

The GRA, he added, was tasked with the responsibility of collecting tax on behalf of government. “Working hand-in-glove with you will be able to raise revenue for the government in order to create development and implement the development plans that are put in place. It is also crucial that the “timely payment of the taxes takes place because there are penalties attached on defaulters,” he said.