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NAWEC commences rehabilitation work on major engine

Feb 1, 2011, 12:57 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has commenced rehabilitation work on one of its major engines.

According to officials, the engine is regarded as the backbone of electricity production for NAWEC.

The power generation manger at NAWEC, Baba Fatajo, recently took journalists on a conducted tour of the company's facilities at the Kotu Power Station.

He informed journalists that the machine, inaugurated in 1990, "has come to a standstill" since 2008. "But this does not anyway affect the current power supply of NAWEC,” he added.

Speaking to reporters at the Kotu Power Station, Mr Fatajo stated that the machine had a problem with the crank shaft, which is the major component of the generator that is used for turning the engine.

The NAWEC Kotu power station manager said they had dismantled the machine for rehabilitation, disclosing that they had made an insurance claim from their insurer and were paid €1.5 million.

He added that they have now contracted a manufacturing company called MAN, who are expected to complete the rehabilitation process between June and July 2011.

The NAWEC official reaffirmed their resolve to improve power supply in the country, since they would have an additional 6 mega watts.

The damages caused by a devastating fire incident to their machine and premises some time ago have now been mended, Fatajo said, adding that they are doing "everything possible to satisfy" their customers.