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‘My people would get what rightfully belongs to them’ - GDC Kombo South constituency aspirant

Mar 31, 2017, 11:03 AM | Article By: Bruce Asemota

Lamin E. Fatty, Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) candidate contesting for a parliamentary seat in the forthcoming National Assembly elections come 6 April 2017, has said he would make sure the people of Kombo South get what rightfully belongs to them, if he is voted as a NAM.

Mr Fatty said this recently in an exclusive interview with this reporter, during his tour of the constituency.

“My people have been marginalized and neglected for too long by all the previous governments from Independence, and this has left many of my people trapped in poverty.

“This trend must be stopped with immediate effect, when I have my people’s mandate to represent them in the National Assembly.”

Lamin Fatty, 27 years old, is a political science student at the University of The Gambia, and studied mass communication with a certificate and diploma, and has worked with two radio stations and two newspaper companies as a reporter and presenter.

A social activist who has been spearheading the cause of youths and women, also worked at the ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure as a media assistant before returning to the UTG.

Mr Fatty said he is the current national general secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) youth league, and an executive member of the party.

The Kombo South National Assembly aspirant added that he has been on campaign for over two weeks, and has found that most voters agreed to take their decision based on issues and not personality.

The Kombo South aspirant said he received first-hand information, and had learned about the real issues based on his encounter with the ordinary people in their various communities.

Mr Fatty has five other contestants in the constituency, and said he respects them because it is their right to contest for the same position.

However, he is confident that he would have a resounding victory, come 6th April 2017.

The aspirant added that he is campaigning on the platform of social justice with the theme: from betrayal to fulfillment of duties.

One of his main priorities, when elected as a NAM, is to stop the illegal mining of different resources across the coastal communities in his constituency.

“I will make sure that at least 20% of tax collected by the council is given back to the communities, to plan and implement their own budget based on development needs.

“I will also make sure that communities without good roads such as Berending, Nyofelleh, Kukunjang Mariama, Bayanka, Mamuda, among others, are given immediate attention by the government.

He said the communities of Madina Salam and Rumba which have been arbitrarily denied power supply will also be addressed in consultation with NAWEC.

He pointed out that all the farm land seized by the previous government (APRC) in Batokunku, Kartong, Sanyang, Siffoe, among others, are nationalized and affected families compensated.

Lamin E. Fatty, therefore, called on all the voters in Kombo South to go out in their large numbers and cast their vote for him.