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Musa Suso leaves prison

Jan 3, 2011, 1:51 PM

Unimpeachable sources reaching The Point have it that Musa Suso, former National Assembly Member for Kombo North, was Friday freed from prison after completing a jail term of 18 months.

Suso was convicted by the Bundung Magistrates’ Court on three counts of giving false information to a public officer, and sentenced to six months mandatory jail term on each count, in December 2009.

He was acquitted and discharged on one of the four counts (count three) on the grounds that going by the evidence adduced, the prosecution did not prove that the six alleged deaths mentioned in court were not the result of other means, as no post mortem certificate was tendered to prove otherwise.

Musa Suso was convicted on count one for giving false information to the then Inspector-General of Police and then Crime Management Coordinator, Burama Dibba, that one Ebou Kah was supplying David Colley, Prison Director, fuel through the influence of Musa Suso.

In count two, Musa Suso was convicted on the charge that the mother of Batch Faye gave two satellite discs to be used at Mile 2, which it was alleged David Colley had diverted  to his personal use.

Musa Suso was also convicted for giving false information when he stated that he used his influence to have a prison truck painted at one Sidia Jatta’s workshop.