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Morocco: U-20 Lions begin camping ahead of Gambia tie

Aug 1, 2012, 12:04 PM

Twenty-two players of the Morocco U-20 national football team have been summoned to take part in a training campaign that runs from 4 to 8 August in Casablanca.

The session is in preparation for their forthcoming clash with The Gambia counting for the return leg qualifiers of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, according to starafrica.com.

Morocco thrashed The Gambia in the away leg 4-0 last Friday in Casablanca.

List of players

Goalkeepers: Adnan Assimi, Mehdi Jourbaoui and Badredinne Benachour.

Defenders: Mohamed Chibi, Ali Rachdi, Mohamed Saidi, Ayoub Qasmi, Youssef Jamaaoui, Mohamed Jaaouani, Badr Banoun and Muasin El Yazidi.

Midfielders: Omar Ait Allah, Walid Karti, Anas Asbahi, Reda Ennoualy, Yassine Othmane and Hamza Hafidi.

Forwards: Youssef Essaidi, Soufiane Bahja, Adam Ennafati, Adnane Ouardy and Abdelkabir El Ouady.