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More civic education essential

Jun 2, 2011, 1:08 PM

The need for more civic education is essential as at now more than ever before. We therefore urge the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) to intensify its efforts in enlightening the populace about their civil and political rights.

We are aware of their constraints in terms of resources and logistics, but not withstanding their role is essential in the country’s democratization process.

It is vital that every Gambian knows their rights and obligations, especially when it comes to elections.

It is the right of all Gambians to fully participate in the electoral process by acquiring the voter’s card and voting or be voted for during elections.

This year is an election year for the country, the council should use all the avenues available at their own disposal, by using both the electronic and the print media and the community structures, to inform people on how to go on with exercising their rights given to them by the Constitution, to vote and be voted for in an election.

They should not leave everything on the shoulders of the Independent Electoral Commission alone.

We urge the National Council for Civil Education to partner with the media to help carry out more sensitization activities nationwide.

This will enable them to capture the attention of more audience.

We encourage development partners like the UNDP and others to help CSOs and the NCCE to create the much-needed knowledge and awareness among Gambians.

People expect a lot from the Civic Education Council, so it is better for them to address their constraints, if there are any, before it gets late.

Now with the general voter registration exercise, it is an opportunity for them to vigorously sensitize the masses to turn up in their large numbers and register at their various areas.

While, the country warms up for general elections, we are keenly observing the electoral process beginning with the general voter registration.