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25 years for rapist

Jun 12, 2012, 12:18 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The Special Criminal Court yesterday convicted and sentenced one Wuyeh Keita, a resident of Mariama Kunda, to 25 years in prison for rape.

According to the particulars of offence, the convicted person, Wuyeh Keita, in 2011 at Mariama Kunda in the Kombo North District of the West Coast Region, had carnal knowledge of a minor without her consent.

In his judgment, Justice Emmanuel Nkea stated that the prosecution called four witnesses in support of their case, and tendered two exhibits, while the convicted person testified as a lone witness.

The judge adduced that it was the evidence of the victim that her grandmother used to dish out food for Keita, and that on this particular day she took lunch to him.

The convict grabbed her and threatened her, telling her that they should perform sex or he would kill her if she refused, the judge continued.

He said the evidence of the victim also stated that she was forced by Keita using a knife. He later undressed her, undressed himself too; and that after performing sex, Keita again threatened to kill her if she disclosed it to anybody.

The judge said the victim could not keep this secret, and informed her friend who later informed the elder sister of the victim.

The elder sister said they should remain silent over the matter, because if the father of the victim was aware, he would take a drastic step against Keita.

The father of the victim was later made aware of the matter, and took the convict to Bakoteh Police Station, which ordered the arrest of Keita, he said.

Justice Nkea said medical examination was conducted on the victim, and the medical report confirmed the presence of blood in the private parts of the victim.

The judge stated that the evidence of the victim was corroborated, and there was consistency without ambiguity, further stating that the prosecution had established the necessary elements of the offence.

He was satisfied that the evidence of the prosecution was unchallenged, and that the victim was 11 years old at the time of the alleged incident.

“I hold that the prosecution has proven his guilt by linking the convict to the offence, and that there was no consent at the time of performing sex with the victim. I find the accused guilty as charged,” declared the judge.

Justice Nkea in passing his sentence pointed out that the act of rape was now rampant, and for a man sleeping with a girl who is fit to be their granddaughter, is not a decent attitude, and should not be allowed in any decent society. Thus giving a long term sentence will deter others from doing it, he said.

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