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Mission on Refresher Spiritual course

Nov 19, 2008, 7:06 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The Catholic Church striving hard to improve the spirituality of their members, have organised a refresher course for members of their different Church organisations including priests, the religious and the laity, organised by the Diocesan Priests Association, the facilitator came from Ireland, known as Fr. Peter Conaty CSSp. The course based on the spiritual upliftment of catholics in line with liturgy especially the Eucharist the centre of their celebration.

Panorama seeks answers to the happenings and deliberations at the GPI on Kairaba Avenue during a four-day workshop in the presence of Bishop Robert Ellison CSSp.

Reverend Fr. Joe Karbo, the GPI administrator welcomed everybody to their 4th Liturgy Workshop meant for the Priest, Sisters and a cross section of the Laity.

He says, "This is an ongoing formation to make the spiritual life vibrant. We hope to have a better insight into the Liturgy."

Bishop Ellison CSSp said Fr. Peter Conaty CSSp had worked in The Gambia serving as the Rector in the Junior Seminary. "Fr. Conaty CSSp. Served in The Gambia for four years and went to live in Mexico in a multinational community.

He now lives in Ireland incharge of all Irish Spiritans in and out of Ireland," Bishop Ellison said. Bishop reiterated that it was a time of grace, to be able to understand and appreciate the liturgy in their lives. "We should have the common understanding of his presence so that we can better understand, whatever or wherever we come from," he said. Bishop thanked the Diocesan Priests group for bringing the commission about.

The hall was packed with over 50 participants.

The deliberations were highlighted by questions to clarify, group work and presentation and above all the Holy Mass. Participants found it most interesting because it pointed out simple mistakes and enforced the reality.

Fr. Peter Conaty CSSp, the facilitator was happy to be welcomed again. In his introduction and preamble he asked for a few things participants wish to go away with. On reflective Experience Fr.Conaty said it was not radio or television time but time of loaves and fishes, people are hungry and one good word is bread for a thousand Adult Learning he said was an experience as Michael Langelo at 87 said I am still learning' - life long learning.

Talking on Liturgy Fr. Conaty said there are no mistakes in Liturgy, only good recovery. He talked about learning from the scriptures, mentioning the biblical exile of the deportation into Babylon for which the name exile has been reserved. He mentioned the ways to know God "The limit of our language is the limit of our World," he says.

Fr. Conaty mentioned a design of the gathering of the assembly to break the bread, in a circle with the altar in the middle. Questions were clarified.

He said the structure included the Minister of the Word, Cantor, Psalmist, Choir, presider, assembly, acolytes/servers, Deacons & Sacristan. Liturgical objects included, Lectionary, Book of the Gospels, Thurible and incense and the ambo. His questions for discussions were; what hinders people from hearing and responding to the word of God? What needs to be done to help people hear and respond to the word of God.

Fr. Conaty analysed the different aspects of Liturgy "Come receive what you are and become what you receive. The center message should not be dissociated from the context," he said.

Fr. Conaty commented on the sign of peace, that it distracts the silent moment and people believe it should be shifted towards the offertory to avoid destraction. He gave tips as to how a liturgy group can be formed.

Bishop Ellison celebrated the closing mass. He thanked all gathered.

In line with Self-reliant Church, the Catholic Women Association of the Stella Maris Parish will celebrate their 3rdAnniversary on the 23rdNovember 2008 at the Holy Family Catholic Church by the Traffic Light at 9:30a.m.

They wish to invite every body to be there. There will be breakfast sale immediately after mass to help in the Church Development.