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West African Healing Foundation Ends Workshop

Sep 3, 2008, 5:34 AM | Article By: By Soury Camara

The West African Pranic Healing Foundation, The Gambia has just concluded a three-day workshop on Pranic healing and twin heart meditation at its centre in Bijilo.

The objectives of the workshop were to spread the teaching of Pranic healing to both urban and rural people nationwide.

Pranic healing however, is an ancient art and science of healing. It involves use of Prana or life force and the manipulation of the bioplasmatic matter of the patient's body. The training also availed the patients the opportunity to be aware of the luminous energy that surrounded our body. Science has discovered that this energy body can be traced by Kirliavi's photography.

Mr. Srikanth Jois, head of office at the centre, stated that when somebody practices meditation the energy body becomes bigger and brighter and when this happen the person's memory recall improves and they will feel less stress.

He further stressed that just for five minutes treatment one can notice changes and the patient will also realise the relief of pain.