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Medicines Board raises concern on rampant drug peddling

Sep 19, 2012, 10:17 AM

The Medicines Board of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has issued a public statement expressing its dismay over the rampant selling of drugs in the streets.

“The Medicines Board has noticed with great concern the rampant drug peddling that is going on in the streets and proliferation of unlicensed drug outlets. The general public is hereby informed that Medicines Board only allows licensed holders to sell medicines in the licensed premises,” the dispatch said.

It went further to add that it is against the law and is a crime for people to be going round selling medicines in the streets and markets or operating unlicensed drug outlets.

“This is punishable by law and any person caught in this act will be prosecuted,” it stressed, adding: “We are therefore warning the public to refrain from buying any medicines from these peddlers as the medicines can be harmful to your health. Medicines exposed to direct sunlight, dust and dirt can undergo chemical changes which are hazardous and dangerous to your health.”

The release also urged the general public to report any such acts and offences to the Medicines Board at the National Pharmaceutical Services, near Kotu Power Station.