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Medicine manufacturing firm established in Gambia

Dec 1, 2015, 11:43 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh & Adam Jobe

Spanish investors have established a medicines manufacturing company in Brikama.

The company, called Toskani Pharma Gambia Limited, was initiated by one Velino Nalabarder, a Spanish national.

The company is currently manufacturing various medicine products, including bendroflumthiaside B.P 5MG, metoclopramide tablets B.P 4mg, dyrochlororhiized B.P 25mg, pyrimenthamine tablets B.P 25mg captopril tables B.P 25mg, and atenolol tablets, among others.

The company is also equipped with strong sophisticated machines such as drum mixer, compression machines, blister machine quality, OV Spectrophometer and integrated spectrophotometer.

Speaking in an interview with these reporters, the general manager of Toskani Pharma Gambia Limited, Enric Gemar, said the company has been in existence since 2004.

Toskani Company is out to ensure adequate supply or availability of quality medicines throughout the country.

Located on the Gunter Schmitter Road in Brikama, West Coast Region,Toskani Pharma Gambia Limited is “the only manufacturing pharma medicine laboratory in the West Africa sub-region”, Mr Gemar said.

He reiterated that the company was established to ensure there is no shortage of medicines in The Gambia, as well as to create a pharmaceutical industry that is sustainable for the Gambian people.

“We are the only manufacturing pharmaceutical laboratory in the sub-region, offering best quality standard products,” he said.

According to GM Gemar, the company is manufacturing many products, but at the moment they are not authorised to sell the products at the markets until approval is made by the government.

He maintained that the company was only authorised to manufacture, but not to sell.

Although the company was initiated by a Spanish businessman, it is owned by a Gambian who wants to ensure the company manufactures quality products of international standards at affordable prices.

The company is also wants to ensure that there is enough supply of medicines needed in the country, he said.

Another objective of the company, he disclosed, is to establish relations with other institutions like the University of The Gambia for the exchange of know-how, as well as aid the study programme of practising medical students.

It would also cooperate with other institutions that are in charge of analysising the quality of substances consumed in The Gambia.

Also speaking, Basiru Jobe, the Gambian representative of the company, said the firm focuses on manufacturing medicines, but is also covering other areas like substance analysis and offering services to the Medical Faculty to get students conduct their studies and research at the factory.

“The principal objective is to manufacture essential medicines for The Gambia and the sub-region,” Mr Jobe stated.