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Manjago Pantufangu Society Out To Eradicate Poverty

Sep 28, 2009, 6:41 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Mr. Ebou Yanka, the President of the Manjago Pantufangu Society has outlined his association's readiness in the fight against poverty by undertaking massive agricultural production in the country.

According to Mr. Yanka, who spoke to our reporter in an interview, every year his association, which comprises over 1000 members from the Kombo's to Niamina district embarks on a massive farming exercise in Kanilai.

He stated that his association is geared towards restoring food self-sufficiency in this country.

According to him, the rational behind the formation of the association is to complement government's effort by responding to the President's clarion call of the back-to-the-land, as well as help each other in terms of ceremonies.

Mr. Yahka disclosed that his association was set up more than ten years ago and has registered a lot of success in the area of agricultural development. 

He called on all Gambians to join the association, which he added, is in line with government's policy. He asserted that if people work hard and positively respond to the President's call, The Gambia would become food self-sufficient and will not import rice from the outside world.

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