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Madness: Society to Watch Out

Nov 19, 2008, 6:51 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanijia

Madness is described as the malfunctioning of the human brain causing the individual to behave erratically and totally abnormally in society.

Madness also causes the individual to forget what is correct societal norm and behaviour. Society and development delves into the causes, behaviour and the role of society towards mad people as young men and women join the mad society on a daily basis. Society and Development asked a mad man the starting question and answers wrongly to show how he is not incharge of his thoughts.

S&D: What is your name, my friend?

Mad Friend (Name withheld): Baa baa baa sheep, I am a student before and student, student with a good and enormous name like goat, cow, sheep elephant, toys and children. My teacher asked me many questions oh God, my God. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The question was not answered and I thought that it should not continue or else people would not follow what I want to put across in line with madness. I would rather go ahead to say the bit.

The above is an abnormal answer to the question posed to that mad man. School of thought would say it is due to the loss of sense that made the mad man not to articulate his thoughts to give an accurate answer to a simple question starting with, "My name is Robert or ."

Madness is taking its toll on several youngsters who are struggling with life. Madness is also said to come from the gene that it travels from one gene to the other causing a family to get at least a mad person in those families. This is not the end all and be all but it diverges to other quarters in becoming mad.

Some people have what is called "Nerve" syndrome. This is particularly prevalent among the youth of society. When these youth are not able to make it to Europe and it all become very fluid for their travelling they take different dimensions. The problem is lashed on their families who face their many disturbances in line with what they think is right for them. Funny things become their rights and their rights are often the wrong aspect of life. Many people in this situation have ended in either premature deaths or confused states of mind.


The degree of madness in our communities cannot be over emphasized due to the many young men and women particularly men who are seen on the streets picking bits and pieces belonging to no body. Frustration and family problems including excessive poverty have pegged many a youth to becoming useless and walk aimlessly instead of being useful. Many people will have a type of frustration that may be deeply rooted that cannot be exposed but explodes only during the quiet times of the victim.

Why so many mad people around us? The answer is quite simple! Watch the street corners and count how many boys sit around to only drink "attaya" or smoke cigarette, better still many take to smoking marijuana and make it their food. One Brother Conrard, one time principal of St. Edward's UpperBasicSchool at Bwiam said at their Speech and Prize Given ceremony, "If the rate at which children are smoking, not controlled many of the schools would be turned to Campama," he said. This means that mad people would be on the increase and Kampama would not contain their number. Thinking of the importance of what he meant, there should be a honest confession by parents in line with the up bring of their children and their love for smoking and drinking that brings them to naught. Smoking and drinking have real adverse effect on young brains. The young in society have not done much to cub it in society they rather take it as part of their social life, if they do not smoke they think their friends would see them less a good boy or girl. Parents who love their children should change their children's perception although their perceptions seem to be influenced by the rate of poverty at their homes that has a far-reaching consequence.

Poverty has a role to play in the madness syndrome that is frustrating some families and leaving them more impoverished and longing for the better. To get close to the root of poverty, one is left without option to believe that the chain of poverty continues when none of their children is able to educate beyond Grade 12. This remains a permanent barrier that causes the young to get into diverting their attention by indulging in secret drinking, smoking and sometimes smoking marijuana openly and getting set for any mischief in their areas. How do we fight poverty in our own way? Government has always fought hard to get poverty out of society but it continues to grip the community. This is a two way thing firstly the government would do its best to get their side of the coin clean but the major aspect of it remains in the hands of the poor people themselves. They are to fight hard to get what it takes to live above the poverty line of $1 or less per day.

Men and women firstly decide on how many children they would bear. They should as well be mindful of marrying more than enough wives. When they are not well off to care for themselves and many children and family. The children find it difficult to grow in peace and love due to the lack of money has raised the rate of hardship and poverty. Children from such families enter into a race with the others from the same dad and different mothers. "Who would be better than the other in the family thus mum's hating or loving the other."

Those passing, confused over minute problems that cannot be called problems have made some people miserable. Life eventually becomes unbearable for them and they end up becoming mad. They walk from Banjul to Tabokoto without asking for the cost. They stay on empty stomachs carrying unwanted materials in their bundles and bags making them look different from the normal person. Some become fearless as they cross before cars speaking different languages that no one can understand. Others are left to sit in dustbins pecking and eating whatever that comes their way. Other mad people go on the street unattended to as they move quietly looking insistently in one direction. Some go talking, clapping their hands or slapping themselves with no pain. Some mad people become nuisance to their communities leaving many in utmost laughter. Some madness can be mild others are quite aggressive but whatever stage it is at needs help.

Many things that cause frustration should be cut short of and made easy for the frustrated to live a peaceful life. Sometimes one wonders why normal looking people behave like mad people, it may be due to their getting mad or they create it themselves. Those who leave their hair very rough look intently and become abnormally quiet should be watched and taken to Kampama for check up with those starting their madness are to be taken there too. Youth should be guided in this light so as to get away from this mad syndrome the future lies in their hands it and should be guided at all cost.