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Local Government elections

Feb 14, 2013, 11:20 AM

Local Government Elections are as important as any other national elections in The Gambia. Of recent, the experience we have seen is that many people do not take the elections with seriousness.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has revealed that a sum of D19m is being budgeted for April 4th, 2013, Local Government Elections.

This is an event that is very costly on the part of the government and it would not make sense to extravagantly spend this huge sum of money on elections, when people do not take it seriously.

We would therefore join the IEC to call on all Gambians to actively participate in the coming Local Government Elections, in order to strengthen our democratic process

The function of the councils is very important, as they are responsible for the provision of public utilities, such as wells, markets, streetlights, car parks and garages, recreational facilities, public toilets, rubbish collections, provision of feeder-roads, as well as provision of scholarships to needy and deserving students, among others.

Those manning such institutions should be competent, that’s why free and fair election is necessary.

Gambians must see this election as equally important as that of the National Assembly and Presidential Elections.

It’s a constitutional requirement to have such elections and its success depends on the Gambian electorate.