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Let's save our farmers

May 9, 2011, 2:26 PM

The Kombo Foni Forestry Association (KAMFORA) should be applauded for the efforts they are making by meeting farmers ahead of the rainy season to discuss with them issues confronting them, especially the forest cover and the low productivity of the soil in their environment.

It is high time now people started to jealously guard the forest cover, and start to grow trees within their environment, as this would greatly increase productivity.

We strongly believe that the NGOs, as well as international donors should come to the aid of KAMFORA to support the organization with the required funds, which will enable them to plant  trees and give it to people to grow in order for the country to save its good environment.

We know that Agriculture is one of the top priorities of government, so let us work collectively to promote our Vision 2020 and also to met the MDGs’ targets for the country.

The best way of achieving our targets is to plant more trees, and also to embark on massive sensitization at the community level, including to have regular radio and TV programmes using the electronic media.

However, we must not only limit our strategies to these programmes, but the communities need to be fully engaged at the initial stage of every activity.